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TDF Schweiz AG

TDF Schweiz AG started to operate on 1st September 2010 and is active from the office in Basel to the whole Swiss market. As a part of the TDF Group, the focus is on the distribution of pumps for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, biotechnology and petro industry with the adapted accessories.

Since the 1st  January 2011, the team consists of 4 product managers plus an administrative assistant.

A fast supply and service to the customers has the top priority which is facilitate due to an amply stock and good collaboration inside of the TDF group.

A small  repair facility garantees a fast development.

History of the TDF GROUP

1976     Técnica de Fluidos (TDF) is founded in Barcelona by Aurelio Losada Maestre
1977     TDF obtains the distribution in Spain for ITT Jabsco
1988     Moving to new and larger offices and warehouses of the Marina street (Barcelona)
1998     TDF is the new distributor for Spain of Wilden Pump
1999     Expansion of the offices, doubling the storage space of the street Marina (Barcelona)
2000     Foundation of the Portuguese subsidiary of TDF "Hidromethos", with offices and warehouses in Lisbon
2001     Opening of the Central-South delegation in Madrid. With offices, warehouses and service in Arganda del Rey
2003     Creation of the French subsidiary of TDF "Techniques des Fluides", with opening of office and warehouse in Paris
2004     TDF obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001
2007     New and expanded facilities in the central-south delegation TDF in Madrid
2007     Joint venture in Argentina, with offices and warehouse in Buenos Aires, "Wilden Argentina"
2008     Joint venture in Poland with warehouses and offices in Warsaw, "Tajfun Poland"
2010     Creation of the Swiss subsidiary of TDF: TDF Schweiz AG
2012     TDF Schweiz AG is the new distributor for Switzerland of Dosapro MILTON ROY


TDF Schweiz AG:
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